Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank you Frank Yu!

I should thank my ever so resourceful Google News Alerts as well, for picking up on this Mr. Frank Yu, former Microsoft Xbox Regional Business Manager for Asia.

This article from Gamasutra describes one challenge the iPhone might face in entering the China market--that it could be defined as a "gaming device", all of which except for the Nintendo DS Lite (didn't know that!) are illegal to sell in China. I'm not sure I totally buy the argument, as iPod Touches, the second generation of which is a better gaming platform than the iPhone, are currently sold in China. Of course, the Chinese government could change its mind at any time about that.

More importantly though, Frank Yu looks like someone anyone interested in Asia and especially China's gaming industry should know and kiss up to or just agree to be friends with. His old MSDN blog is still hosted and can be read here and he is currently the CSO and COO of Shouji, a Beijing based mobile games developer, which has a blog as well.

(thanks Gamasutra!)

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frankster said...

no need to kiss up to me... just invite me on facebook or twitter.

:) I'm like Sauron I see everything

Frank Yu