Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get a plasma...

This weekend I splurged for a plasma tv. Well it wasn't really a splurge, seeing as prices have dropped so much and it was actually cheaper than my original LCD hdtv. But what it most definitely is, is awesome for gaming, and it's cheaper than LCDs that could match its image quality.

It's awesome in two areas--contrast detail and motion blur. Contrast detail is way sharper, and now I can not only see those fucking sniper assholes camping in COD as clearly as my overgrown toenails when I look down with my glasses on, but I can actually see the fucking sniper assholes when they're hiding in shadows. Take that fucking sniper assholes, I see you now.

Motion blur is totally gone except for what devs program into their games to make up for low framerates, but since there's none of that crap in COD, I'm playing a blur-free experience. It's much more noticeable than I thought it would be, and really makes my life of killing soldiers and sometimes Nazi Zombies much more satisfying as they don't disappear in a haze of pixels. 

So yes, get a plasma. Don't worry about the ridiculous energy consumption and weight, or burn-in, because a good one (I went with Panasonic) will get you more friends, all the ladies, and best of all, feared by your virtual enemies. Do it, do it now.

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