Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chinese drywall effin up your Xbox

I'm sure Microsoft would like to find any excuse other than their own crappy manufacturing process for the huge number of Xbox360s that have RROD'd themselves to death, but the fact is, the build quality sucked for a couple a few years.

Still, I won't say that it's impossible that Chinese drywall is responsible for some of those deaths. It's been a growing scandal leading to possible class actions suits for several months now, causing electrical problems among many other serious issues:

  • persistent rotten egg odor
  • respiratory or other symptoms alleviated by leaving a building and worsened on return
  • blackened and corroded metal, including copper, nickel, silver and/or stainless steel
  • premature failures of central air-conditioning evaporator coils
  • blinking lights or power failures
  • arcing or sparking
  • intermittent operation or failure of appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers and electronic devices such as televisions, computers and video-game systems

(Thanks Gamepolitics via Getmogames!)

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