Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Skeletons in China!

China has now rejected Blizzard's second application to sell Wrath of the Lich King in China, citing "content that didn't meet requirements, including a city raid and skeleton characters"

Yes, skeleton characters. If I sit and really think about this for long enough, I bet I could figure out some really good reasons behind the skeleton fear, like if the Hu-ster had skeleton nightmares growing up during the Cultural Revolution (there were lots of skeletons back then!), but doing so would hurt my brain a lot and probably give me a stroke.

More likely China is just finding excuses for awhile to keep this foreign product out because they know how popular it is, and the government tends not to like anything that popular because it could somehow create a unified demographic that would then be difficult to manage. I understand this thinking, I know there are some crazy motherfuckers who would probably team up in WOW to try to kill virtual capitalist-roaders. So good on ya, China for stapping this potential problem balloon in the rubber skin before it explodes in a nasty yet kinky mess of shredded latex.

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