Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video Gaming coming to Shanghai China!

Sorry I just lied to you. Shanghai will never see the light of an official video game market, probably ever, because it is sinking like 8cm into the sea every year. Eat your heart out, California!

Buuuut, Army of Two developers EA Montreal have announced the release of a sequel, titled Army of Two: the 40th Day. What that 40th day is, no one knows. I'm guessin it's the end of Noah's Flood and you get to watch all the animals mate, including Adam and Eve (hot!).

But the coolest thing about the game, and why I wasn't just randomly mentioning the destruction of Shanghai two paragraphs ago, is this:
In the sequel to Army of Two, Salem and Rios, the two blokes from the first game, go to Shanghai, China, which is nearly destroyed. They must "fight their way through ravaged city districts as they try to beat the odds and uncover the secret of the 40th Day."
Set in post-apocalyptic Shanghai? AWESOME. I hope they map the city accurately. Eat your heart out GTA IV!

(thanks Actiontrip!)

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John said...

Awesome. I hope it features a destructible environment. I have some Shanghai anger issues I might need to work out virtually...