Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Xbox360 outselling PS3--is anyone surprised?

I'm not, but statistics, in my opinion, are usually a load of crap anyway. I mean Al Gore wins the popular vote but loses the election, so apparently 50%+ of people can be wrong.

But I digress. Stats are bs here however you look at because on the one hand, the Xbox360 has sold 8 million more units than the PS3, but on the other, it has been out a year longer. So that negates the success right? Wrong, because the lead a year ago was only 5 million, so it is outselling the PS3. I think. Who knows. 

On the other other other hand, though, I'm surprised that the PS3 has sold 20 million units and yet has been called a total failure in the press lately. I mean, it's been a huge loss to Sony, as they've never made a profit on it, but that's still quite a few units, certainly more than I thought it was.

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