Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How much we game, how much we pirate-aaarrrrr

According to, it seems we game quite a bit. It also tells us we pirate quite a bit, but it’s only counting games that are downloaded and not those bought on discs. Including those numbers would have a big impact considering how common the practice is in China. I’m also sure measuring that problem would prove to be nearly impossible.

Notably missing from the piracy list is the PlayStation 3, which, although apparently cracked (great spam comments on Mr. Hotz’s blog, btw), is not yet the victim of video game piracy to any serious degree. That could be a good argument for going Blu-ray and a difficult-to-code-for processor, but probably not.

Here’s there nifty visual bringing it all together—the only thing that bugs me is that it’s a simple graphic, rendering the source links unclickable. The JPEG standards group would be doing wonders if they figured out a way to get hyperlinks embedded in their image format (are they listening?).


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