Monday, January 25, 2010

The other war against censorship

I’ve had zero time to update for the past month or so, but here’s an interesting commentary on the state of gaming in China today:

A little context: China hates video games for some reason. It believes they are the devil, if a devil could exist in a godless country. Or whatever the Communist equivalent would be—Chang Kaishek, perhaps. So, China wants to harmonize the gaming industry, and this means taking out everything about games that make them fun, like stealing people’s crops, and other things that are a little more difficult to understand, like skeletons.

I know, I know. “Skeletons are scary as shit and would cause a second cultural revolution!” you’re saying. I agree this is a distinct possibility. Farmers and other 土包子 would sign up for a WOW account and upon signing in would immediately become apoplectic at the sight of the fleshless walking monsters, and with no outlet for their bottomless pit of rage, would mass together and terrorize government offices in demand for compensation because now their daughters would no longer be marriage material. Yes, this is a distinct possibility. So in writing this post I’ve convinced myself that in fact the government is right. The Internet, and games especially, must be harmonized at all costs. At all costs.

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