Monday, April 27, 2009

Some game called Aion hits a mill in China?

Ok, whatever. It's 6 and I'm supposed to get off work now. 6:10 now, fuck. Ok I'm totally going, but I feel it my duty to update this blog once in awhile, especially whenever some exciting or at least relevant news in gaming in China comes along. So here it is. A game, that I have never heard of, called Aion, has hit a million users in China! Break out the bubbly everyone! It's time to celebrate, for some reason:
Within the first four days of launch, Aion pulled in one million players who happily paid for at least one hour of gameplay, reports Interactive Entertainment began charging users an hourly rate for the MMORPG’s “Yao Sai Pan Long” scenario, but despite the success, Deutsche Bank has told investors to hold off on purchasing stock in Shanda. This was due to player concerns over the cost, high hardware requirements and the current lack of in-game content.
Anyway, I'm sure people might know that MMO PC games are the big thing in China, most likely because it provides them with a sense of social worth that they don't otherwise find in school, home, or the underside of a toilet seat. Sorry that was rude. I don't know why Chinese like MMO games so much, and I don't know why Asians besides Japan but maybe including Japan like microtransactions so much. I mean, accessorizing a character that doesn't really exist? WTF? Anyway, I like to burn field mice so who am I to speak?

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