Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OnLive? Sounds more like OnDead to me hahahah

That is a pretty inane title for what could be a pretty cool system, dontcha think? OnLive, which will attempt to deliver gaming to any crappy PC or tv screen via some sort of orgasmicly quick video compression scheme and He-Man strength servers, is not something I'd have cared to mention on this blog except that:
Although OnLive's servers are for North America, the company does have international plans in mind. And in fact, Perlman pointed out that Internet Cafes across Asia use low-end PCs, making the OnLive service perfect for those venues, and certainly a great business opportunity.
Hmm... Asia? Well Korea and Japan, sure. But Internet speed can royally suck my fat schnoz in China, where connections for home use, as far as I know, top out at 8mbps, and .5mbps upload. And 8mbps is retardedly expensive, and I am going to assume only exists in major cities where still only 1% of 1% of 1% of residents bother paying for it. Would be nice if China started getting its FIOS on.


2 comments: said...

Let's give Perlman a chance here. Onlive has a ton of skeptics but if Perlman says it' will work, I believe in giving him a shot. Jake -

杀瓜 said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes my title is deceptively negative, which I tried to make fun of in the opening line of my post which I hope you read (it wasn't really about the viability of OnLive, just bemoaning China's terrible internet access) because I think it does sound cool and I hope it works out. I just wish China had the bandwidth available to make it a practical choice.