Thursday, April 16, 2009

GDC imitated, Chinese-piracy style: IDGA not happy

IGDA, which hosts of the Game Developers Conferences that are held all over the world, isn't happy with Howell Expo for borrowing the GDC name for its own GDC event. I'm not up on my corporate soap operas, but this sounds like it could be a doozy:

Following legal pressure from Think Services on the organiser of the LOGIN conference to dissolve its partnership with Howell Expo's copyright-infringing China GDC event in July, the IGDA has now followed suit and deleted any reference to the developer conference from its website.

The organisation had previously noted that its members were able to take advantage of a 10 per cent discount for the event, but that has now been removed - although the savings will still apply to Howell's other property, ChinaJoy.

Oh the drama!! Can't wait to find out who slept with who after cheating on so-and-so behind the barn. I hope someone's twittering updates in real-time.

(Thanks Joystiq via!)


Yannick said...

I think you're mistaking "IGDA" with the former "IDG", now called Think Services... the IGDA is not the one organizing those events.

杀瓜 said...

Hey Yannick,

You're probably right, as I had a hard time figuring out what or who any of the parties involved were when I wrote this post. And I flubbed the acronym in the title. I'm off to seppaku or something.