Monday, March 2, 2009

Two tvs is always better than one

So this weekend I took the plunge and bought a new TV, upgrading from a Philips LCD (42PFL5403) to a Panasonic Viera series Plasma (TH-42PZ80). Same size, but the kick ass image quality of a plasma (not to mention ass kicking 475w power consumption).

I decided to take the plunge because my friend decided he wanted to buy my old tv, and the new one wasn't much more than I sold the only one more. The new tv arrived before he could take my old away, however, so we did what any green-blooded video game losers with unbelievably tolerant girlfriends would do--dual-screen deathmatch!

With his ps3 on his new tv, mine on mine, a few more friends over, and voila we were blowing each other (away) in Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and we blew some Zombies (away), oh make that Nazi Zombies, in COD: WAW.

Killzone 2 looks absolutely awesome, and multiplayer wins for so many reasons, including not terrible lag, anyone can be healed, in-game match type switching, cookable grenades with gauge, leveling-based access to new classes and weapons. Can't wait to try more of the single player.

Saturday only got better as evening came on (did I mention we started at 2pm), when movie night time whipped around, and it was time to watch two of the greatest films made in the last five years: Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Great Flying Spaghetti Monster Christopher Nolan is a talented man.

What did I learn from all this? Two tvs, not just better than one, but much more a life necessity than I realized. I thought my depression at the end of the night was from the sad awareness that Heath Ledger will never have the chance to reprise his role as Joker, and that Batman really is quite a failure in terms of Superhero-dom (doesn't save the girl, doesn't kill Joker, loses Harvey Dent, ruins his car... sigh), but I now know it was because I have seen the joy of having two tvs, a joy I most likely will never know again.

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