Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry I was busy playing online games and didn't notice that

The Anti-online game addiction system proves to be effective in China! Or so Xinhua says, stating that:
The number of Chinese online game players under the age of 18 has declined to 15 percent of total respondents in 2008 -- a 7 percent drop from the 2007's figure of 183 million -- according to a nationwide survey by the China Youth Social Service Center release on Wednesday.
Yes, online gaming addiction, a distinctly Chinese and Korean phenomenon thanks I think to their love of Internet cafes, is being crushed. That's good for humanity probably, not so good for Blizzard as it tries to bring WOTLK into China, whom it must convince is, although extremely popular, not habit-forming whatsoever. Haha sure, Blizzard. Good luck with that.

(thanks Xinhua via via Joystiq!)

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