Friday, January 16, 2009

World Cyber Games, yeah China does it

The World Cyber Games, apparently the Olympics of computer and video gaming (I just learned that it exists), does have a team from China. Some quick facts:

2008 WCG competitors: 15
Tournament participant since: 2000 (the tournament's first year, when it was called the World Cyber Game Challenge)

The team competed in: FIFA, Counter Strike, Star Craft and War Craft

Won 2nd place in 2001 (But I can't figure out where they won their medals from the winner charts)

Sadly does not compete in any console games--hope that changes soon though.

Also WCG really needs to update their info and their website--it lists China as having a mere 123,000,000 Internet users, although now that figure is over 300,000,000, and the site has way too much going on on the front page.


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